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2020 - 06 - 09
In his article, Bestman shows you the INTENSIVE Care Unit (ICU), he listed numerous medical devices in the ICU ward, such as ecg monitors, blood filters, ventilators, ECMO, etc. The effects of various...
2017 - 09 - 09
The 78th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) ExpoTime: 2017 Oct. 29th—Nov. 1stAddress: Kunming Dianchi International...
2020 - 06 - 12
'Big data + artificial intelligence' will reshape the medical service industry. With the power of Internet medical technology, every Chinese family will have home medical smart devices in the ...
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Bestman established in 2001, top ten brands of fetal doppler, famous brand of fetal monitoring area in China, global leader brand of doppler blood flow detector, is an independent research, production and sales as whole’s high-tech medical equipment company.

The company's R & D team is mainly composed of domestic famous researchers, returnees, masters and doctors, scientific research strength is very strong. After many years of efforts, the "ultrasonic Doppler blood flow detector" has been developed. At present, there are mainly products: ultrasonic vascular doppler, ultrasonic fetal doppler, Infusion & Blood warmer, Fetal Maternal Monitor, Syringe Destroyer, ECG machine.

The company has passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification, ISO13485:2016 medical device international quality management system certification. Products passed the European Union CE certification and the United States FDA certification. Products are exported to the country, and exported to Europe, America, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other 98 countries and regions.

The company is always in the purpose of operation that "scientific and technological innovation, create wealth, return to society, for the cause of human health" , and strive to build China's first medical equipment base, become the leader in the industry, and strive to build China's first medical equipment base and become a leader in the industry.

At present, our company has several series of products:

BV series----Ultrasonic vascular doppler detector

BFW series-----Infusion & Blood warmer

BF series----Ultrasonic fetal doppler

BFM series----Fetal Maternal Monitor

BD series----Syringe Destroyer

ECG series----- ECG machine

BEU series ----- Bounce Scanner

BIC series ---- Insulin Cooler Box

BSNT series ----- Vital Signs Monitor

BSNF series ----- Obstetric Detector

BFP series ---- Feeding Pump

BVF series ---- Vein Finder

BUC series ---- Cosmetic Instrument

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Nanshan District, Shenzhen, South Road South Oil Industry Zone 210, 4th floor
0755- 26416184/ 86578562
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