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2017 - 09 - 09
The 78th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) ExpoTime: 2017 Oct. 29th—Nov. 1stAddress: Kunming Dianchi International...
2020 - 06 - 12
'Big data + artificial intelligence' will reshape the medical service industry. With the power of Internet medical technology, every Chinese family will have home medical smart devices in the ...
2020 - 06 - 13
As an old medical device enterprise established in 1998, Bestman has been doing business for 22 years with the business tenet of 'scientific and technological innovation, creating wealth, rew...
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Established Beiciman

Renaming Bestman

Passing the ISO9001 quality system certification

Acquiring qualification certificate for import and export

Awarded the title of "excellent private enterprise for reemployment in Shenzhen"

Won the "Besserman assured brand" issued by the people's daily market information center


Won the title of "Besserman assured brand"

Awarded the honor certificate of "honesty, quality"

Passing ISO13485 international medical device EU system certification

Product obtains CE certificate


Awarded the "fetal heart sound instrument product quality, reputation double guarantee demonstration unit" certificate

Company trademark registration

The company is recognized as the general taxpayer of value-added tax

Awarded the title of "glorious star" issued by Shenzhen Association of private enterprises


Get "import and export integrity AAA enterprise" certificate

BF products get FDA certification

Get the certificate of national high-technology enterprise


Company’s trademark registered successfully in Indonesia

Obtaining certification of software enterprise

Signing and developing cooperation with biomedical engineering center of Shenzhen University

The company has become a joint training base for Postgraduates in South China Normal University

Product development process

In 1998, starting to research the first handhold BF-500 series products

In 2002, researching the first desktop BF-600 series products

In 2003, researching the first BD-300A/B/C series products

In 2004, researching the second handhold BF-500A/B/C series products

In 2006, researching the first professional Maternal/Fetal Monitor

In 2007, researching the first desktop ultrasonic vascular doppler detector with printer

In 2008, researching professional Fetal/Maternal CPU Monitor System

In 2009, researching the first professional Infusion&Blood Warmer

In 2010, starting to cutomized OEM fetal doppler for customers

In 2011, researching the first professional ultrasonic vascular doppler with atlas analysis

In 2013, researching the first Insulin Cooler Box for diabetic

In 2013, researching the first three in one special antenatal detector for obstetrics

In 2013, researching the first three in one vital signs monitor

In 2014, the first APP Bluetooth fetal heart sound instrument listed

In 2014, researching the first professional dental-use automatic destroyer

In 2014, researching the first peristaltic feeding pump

In 2015, researching the first warmer with bubble removal function

In 2015, researching the first two cabinet thermostat equipment

In 2015, researching using accessories of special auxiliary heater equipment : liquid stop

In 2015, researching the first handhold vascular doppler with printer

In 2015, researching the first handcart type desktop version of professional ultrasonic vascular doppler detector

In 2016, researching the first handhold vascular doppler with flat probe

In 2016, researching the first small family ultrasonic beauty instrument

In 2016, researching the first vein visualization instrument 1998

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Nanshan District, Shenzhen, South Road South Oil Industry Zone 210, 4th floor
0755- 26416184/ 86578562
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