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2017 - 09 - 09
The 78th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) ExpoTime: 2017 Oct. 29th—Nov. 1stAddress: Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition CenterBooth: 3F-12 exhibition hall-12T06Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co., Ltd. will carry eight series products including fetal doppler, maternal fetal monitor, vascular doppler, blood infusion warmer, syringe destroyer, vital&...
2017 - 05 - 04
May comimg. so as the CMEF, China internation Medical Equioment Fair coming. China biggest medical Fair will hold in Shanghai  International Exhibition Center during May 15--May 18. Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co.,Ltd.   Booth number is Hall 7.1/ M02 & M06. Showing products at sightBlood and Infusion Warmer; Warming cabinet; Vascular ...
2017 - 09 - 20
Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co., Ltd.Founded in 2001 as a high-tech company, Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co., Ltd. has been devoting to research, manufacturing and distribution of medical instruments. Nowadays a great variety of products have been gained high popularity in home and abroad in medical line.Adress: 4/F, Block 210, 2nd Industrial Area of Nanyou, Xiangnan Road, Nanshan Disc., Shenzhen, P.R. ChinaPhone: +86 755-86578562 / 26416184Fax: +86 755-26416184 / 26417301E-mail: szbestman@szbestman.comE-mail: szbestman@163.comE-mail:

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Date: 2018-01-02

Four big advantage

1 Company brand advantage

Top ten famous brands in China, the products sell well in 98 countries the impact abroad is long-term and the most dominant.

Strategic advantages

Fully develop the partnership, we bear the risk, perfect business model.

Technical advantages

Advanced technology, rapid series of blood flow detector,at present, the only domestic producer in China,only one or two producers abroad.

4 Operational management advantages

There are 60 professionals in operation management over 8 years,comprehensive coverage to assist franchisees,the purpose is to ensure the healthy development of partnership franchisees.

What are the benefits?

1 Headquarters to share investment costs and risks, to provide systematic management and marketing support.

2 The headquarters brand, technology and personnel can be used.

3 To provide advertising publicity and other promotion, to achieve good publicity effect.

4 Strict market area protection system.

Fast return and high yield,simple operation and so on.

Strategic partner, joint listing.

7 It is good for the country, the people and itself.

Four guarantees

profit guarantee

The price is complete, the product variety is much, the sale way is not limited and does not lose the sale opportunity.High gross profit, bare-price supply,the average gross margin is over 70%. The exclusive technology, price and service advantage that the market cannot compete.

2  Risk guarantee

Co-founded a partnership company,risk sharing.big profit to the partnership franchisee.Let our partner to worry less and make more money.

3  Rebate guarantee

The annual purchase amount rebate is given to the partnership company that regulates business,Encourage the partnership to continue the healthy development and raise the profit revenue.

4  Business circle guarantee

Promised agreed area will never have a second partnership and self-built direct subsidiaries,to ensure that customers within the business district to maximize resources.

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2015 . 03 . 12
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We will participate following Medical Fair. Should any of the fair you  plans to come. We will be more...
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