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2017 - 12 - 19
Application:Ultrasonic Vascular Doppler Detector is mainly used to detect the blood flow status of human or animal artery. It is suitable for Urology, male, hand surgery, Department of orthopedics, trauma surgery, vascular surgery, burns, plastic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and so on with ultra high sensitivity, small size and easy-to-use characteristics. Feature:●10.0MHz±20% blood flow probe was used to detect the blood flow of human arterial venous blood;●2.4 inches TFT display can display the blood flow waveform, the average blood flow velocity;●Built-in data interface, the ho...
2017 - 12 - 19
Full-automatic PAD testing VASCULAR DOPPLER Feature:Obtains two pressures at each ankle site (PVR and DOPPLER)  Automated segmental studies to customize the item  Automatic ABI, TBI and segmental calculation  Performs the Seated ABI on mobility impaired patients  Bi-Directional Doppler probe PVR waveform modality & PPG probe to obtain toe and limb pressures Parameter:Ankle-brachial index(ABI),Toe-brachial Index ,segment exams, automatics calculation of the indicesControl mode: automatic cuff inflation/deflation and hand-held controllerWave mode: Bi-directional D...
2017 - 12 - 19
Application:It is mainly used for rapid and accurate diagnosis and diagnosis of non interventional peripheral vascular disease (PAD) in human body. By measuring the doppler ultrasound technique for ABI and TBI parameters to improve the doctor's detection rate of the diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease, it can quantitatively determine the detection rate of the diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease, and can quantitatively determine the severe degree of patients' peripheral vascular disease;It is suitable for geriatric department, cardiovascular department, Department of Endocrino...
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上市Date: 2017-12-19


Product Category: Fetal Doppler
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l  Pocket Fetal Doppler mainly applies to detect the fetal heartbeat rate from the twelfth week;

l  2.4'' ultra-big LCD displays the FHR data, graphic (dual interfaces), real-time, date and battery capacity, volume of sound and alarm indicator etc..

l  Built-in rechargeable battery can work continuously more than 4 hours

l  TFT  LCD display for use conveniently at night;

l  Automatic power off (one minute), self-detect function and alarm function when FHR is out of the normal range or battery power is in shortage;

l  Only 270g, can be carried with conveniently with an earphone, gllus and portable handbag;

l  Built-in speaker, collocate with earphone jack;

l  Normative collection: USB interface for normative collocation, analysis software for option.

l  2.0MHz probe

l  Software for option, Can connect with PC by USB.



l  Executive standard: EN61266: 1995

l  Ultrasonic frequency: 2.0MHz±10%

l  Working mode: Continue Ultrasonic Doppler

l  Ultrasonic intensity: 10mW/cm2

l  Comprehensive Sensitivity: 90dB

l  FHR range: 60--210bpm(±2bpm)

l  Isptp: 0.1MPa

l  Battery: 9.6VNi-MH rechargeable batteries

l  Adapter input voltage: AC 100--240V 50Hz/60Hz

l  Rechargeable battery input voltageno load: DC 5V/1A

l  Maximum audio output intensity: 0.5W

l  Doppler frequency: 100--3000Hz

l  Static continuous working time: 4h

l  Automatic Dormancy time limit:1 minute

l  Working temperature: 10-40

l  Humidity: 80%

l  Atmospheric pressure: 86--106kPa




The product approved by CE, Free sale certification. If you need copy of the files, please contact our sales.



l  Single Unit     Dimension: 26cm x 24cm x 12cm        Gross Weight: 1.5kg

l  6 pcs/carton   Dimension: 49cm x 26cm x 33cm        Gross Weight: 8.5kg

l  Normative collocation: charger, gel, small bag, gallus, operation manual, approval certification, warranty card





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